James Dobson, the evangelical founder of Focus on the Family, is cutting ties with the organization after more than 30 years. He stepped down as Chairman earlier this year, and last Friday announced that he would also be quitting as host of its flagship radio show.

Dobson has led the attack on LGBT families in the US by falsely depicting gays and lesbians as a threat to the family. Through Focus on the Family, he has been at the forefront of political and religious efforts to deny gays dignity and basic rights. He has shown himself to be not above fabrication and distortion in pursuit of victory in the “culture war.”

Despite having a PhD in Child Psychology, Dr Dobson has been a fervent supporter of the ex-gay movement, whose psychological and therapeutic approaches are not supported by the American Psychological Association or any other major psychological or psychiatric association. Focus on the Family had its own ex-gay ministry, Love Won Out, until August this year.

So while he will be missed by his 220-million-strong global audience, he will not be missed by the millions of gays and lesbians whose characters, lives and families have been regularly assaulted by his homophobic rhetoric.

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