The venerable Truth Wins Out published an explosive exposé on ex-gay therapist Christopher Doyle. The article alleges hypocrisy and misconduct by Doyle, who leads the Institute for Healthy Families despite having a dysfunctional personal life rife with secrets.

The investigative report includes testimony from Doyle’s niece alleging his wife caught him on nanny cam ushering a male stranger into his home for a sexual encounter. This after years of Doyle claiming to be cured of same-sex attraction through conversion therapy. His niece also accuses him of habitually visiting massage parlors for illicit services.

Considering the utter failure of Doyle to overcome his own homosexual urges, how can this man ethically promote or profit from gay conversion therapy? As the article argues, you cannot provide healthy family advice when your own family is in shambles.

We highly urge reading the full exposé here: Truth Wins Out

This shocking hypocrisy further confirms what health experts already know — that attempts to forcibly change one’s sexuality are futile and damaging. As the Truth Wins Out article concludes, we believe freedom derives from living authentically. TWO’s mission is in part to educate the public on these fraudulent conversion programs. This is the primary mission of Ex-Gay Watch as well.

Let us know your take on this eye-opening report. We believe the bravery of whistle blowers like Doyle’s niece can help protect others from harm.

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