…But antigay opportunists might not like this born-again Christian’s message.

From The Dallas Voice, Feb. 23, 2006 (I’m still behind in my e-mail):

For a while, he identified as bisexual.

“But when I leaned more towards trying to date a guy, it just didn’t click. When you’re in a relationship with somebody, it can’t just be a physical thing. You have to have an emotional-spiritual connection or it’s not going to work. And I never really found that I could have that connection with another guy,” he says.

Unlike many exgay activists, Katt (real name: David Papaleo, age 36) honestly addresses the difference between having had sex with the same gender and actually being romantically, physically and spiritually attracted to the same gender.

Papaleo left Catholicism at a young age after his mother was murdered by his stepfather. In 2003, he was drawn back to Christianity:

“I didn’t hit rock bottom, and I didn’t turn to a particular church. I just started praying. I prayed and asked God for help,” he says. “I asked him to help me with what my life was becoming, and what my life should become. He truthfully helped me in my heart and showed me that what I was doing wasn’t correct.”

But instead of joining a band of right-wing ideologues, Papaleo simply studied the Bible.

“I’ve been very unimpressed with a lot of churches. Many of them don’t study or teach the Bible in the depth that it should be taught. A lot of churches pull one or two verses out of the air and make up their own interpretations of it instead of really studying the book itself,” he says.

The debates over morality and sexuality identity have fueled his research.

“What I found is that so many people — including myself at one time — believe those crazy so-called Christians who say, if you’re gay or bi, God doesn’t want you. That’s a big piece of crap,” he says. “They are misconstruing and give twisted interpretations of Biblical scriptures. I’ve extensively studied the scriptures they try to base that on, and it’s just not true.”

Papaleo has more to say about gay monogamy and same-gender marriage; read the interview (if you didn’t two months ago).

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