Peggy Campolo, wife of Christian evangelical speaker Tony Campolo, wrote a long, undated article about her ties to the GLBT Christian movement.

It is in the Christian gay community that I find the most Christ-like Christian I know — people who love Jesus so much that they struggle to belong where they are not wanted, and are even willing to stand against the majority of their own community to declare that they are part of the church of Jesus Christ. For so many years, I took the church and my place in it for granted. It is a part of my joy now, to fellowship with people who love Jesus so much that they are willing to challenge those who would deny them their place at God’s table.

Campolo recalls two families and one individual who were reunited with one another and with a spiritual life by finding courage to overcome separations caused by prejudice and the peer pressure of bigots.

Campolo distinguishes between people who understand the Bible, and those who parrot isolated verses in order to defame other people:

I am still on my journey of faith, but I have learned some things. I now understand that some people who take the Bible literally don’t take the Bible seriously.

I have concluded that, while the term “Family Values” has been used to “bash” my GLBT sisters and brothers, I do believe in most of what is meant by “Family Values.” The difference between the “bashers” and me is that I believe in good family values for all of God’s children. I call my GLBT brothers and sisters to the same standard of behavior as I do my straight brothers and sisters, and I demand for them the same right to a loving, monogamous, lifetime partnership.

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