Tom DeLay, perhaps the most corrupt politician to walk the halls of Congress in a quarter-century, recently told his pastors that he is the Antichrist — or something similar to that. But could the Antichrist possibly be so pathetic, and could the religious right follow an antichrist so gullibly?

From The Washington Post, April 9.

Tom DeLay may look as though he’s finished because he is quitting Congress, facing a trial on felony political corruption charges in Texas and being targeted by federal prosecutors in the Jack Abramoff scandal. But that would be dead wrong: DeLay recently told one of his pastors that God wanted him to leave Congress in part because He has bigger plans for DeLay. That pastor, the Rev. Rick Scarborough, introduced DeLay to a Christian conference just last week, saying, “This is a man, I believe, God has appointed . . . to represent righteousness in government.”

The supposed pro-family advocate, who as of 2001 was estranged from his own mother and extended family, vows to put government bureaucrats in charge of the Bible, family values, and personal morality.

The Family Research Council on April 5 applauded DeLay’s ongoing leadership of religious conservatives.

Maybe they really are that gullible.

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