Ted Haggard, the evangelical pastor exposed in 2006 as a homosexual and adulterer, has started a regular prayer meeting in his Colorado home.

Before the scandal, which broke three years ago almost to the day, Haggard was President of the National Association of Evangelicals and founding pastor of New Life Church, a 10,000-strong megachurch in Colorado Springs, CO.

But after years denouncing gays from the pulpit, it emerged that he had been taking methamphetamines and regularly paying a male prostitute for sex, and he was forced to resign his leadership positions.

Just a few months later, his counselor claimed he was “completely heterosexual.” Haggard more recently clarified that he is “a heterosexual with issues.”

Following his resignation from ministry, Haggard moved to Phoenix, AZ, to pursue a career selling insurance, and resumed occasional preaching in 2008, before returning to Colorado Springs.

The preacher said he has no intention of building another megachurch,  but confirmed the gathering could rightly be called a church.

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