Following similar statements from the US and France, representatives for the United Kingdom have expressed serious concern over the proposed Anti-Homosexuality Bill in Uganda.  Speaking to, a spokeswoman from the Foreign and Commonwealth Office said:

“We are concerned by the introduction of a private member’s bill on anti homosexuality in Uganda.”

“Adoption of the bill could do serious damage to efforts to tackle HIV and its criminalisation of organisations that support homosexuality could, in theory, encompass most donor agencies and international NGOs.”

“The UK, alongside our EU partners, has raised our concerns about the draft bill and LGBT rights more broadly with the government of Uganda, including with the prime minister and several other ministers, the Ugandan Human Rights Commission, and senior officials from the Ugandan Ministry of Foreign Affairs.”

“We will continue to track the passage of the bill and to lobby against its introduction.”

The bill includes death as punishment for several variations of conduct which come under the heading “aggravated homosexuality.” Even repeat offenders of lesser offenses can end up with death as their sentence, and not informing the authorities within a day of discovering that someone is gay can lead to years in prison.

Join the Facebook group in opposition to the bill (over 3000 strong as of today).

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