-A candlelight vigil is held for the victim of a violent homophobic attack in Liverpool, England.

-A Catholic church in Maine fires a lay minister for speaking out in support of marriage equality.

The Economist considers the legal complexities surrounding the existence of intersexed individuals.

-Gay-friendly Republican Dede Scozzafava withdraws from the race for New York’s 23rd Congressional district.

-Brian Brown of the National Organization for Marriage is put on the defensive during hearings on marriage equality in the District of Columbia.

-Maine voters repeal marriage equality; gay rights and openly gay candidates prevail in other races around the country.

-Referendum 71 is declared a winner in Washington state.

-Anti-gay activists set their sights on New Hampshire.

-Justin Lee encourages LGBT activists not to write off people of faith in their outreach efforts.

-The Wisconsin Supreme Court rejects a challenge to the state’s domestic partners law.

-The New Jersey legislature to consider gay marriage legislation before the end of Gov. Jon Corzine’s term in January.

-“Opposite Marriage” advocate Carrie Prejean drops her lawsuit against Miss California USA following the unearthing of an X-rated video that she performed in.

-Jason Kuznicki contrasts the religious right’s rhetoric about same-sex marriage to his real-life experience.

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