-West Point hosts its first same-sex wedding involving a male couple.

-Congressman Mike Michaud comes out of the closet.

-Two masked men open fire on an LGBT meeting in St. Petersburg, Russia.

-A religious right leader is exposed as an adulterer.

-A prominent Idaho Republican speaks out in support of LGBT rights.

-Three gay men are violently assaulted in Portland, Oregon.

-The Illinois House votes in favor of marriage equality.

Seattle, WA and Atlantic City, NJ elect openly gay mayors

-The European Court of Justice rules that gay refugees from three African nations can seek asylum in the EU.

-Marriage equality passes a second vote in the Hawaii House.

-Virginia Governor-Elect Terry McAuliffe promises protections for LGBT state employees.

-The US Senate passes the Employment Non-Discrimination Act.

-The European Court of Human Rights rules that Greece must extend civil unions to same-sex couples.

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