The organization needs to be shut down — shut down. Don’t tweak it, don’t try to improve it, shut it down.

— Michael Bussee

On June 20th, the OWN network will air the third and probably last of their reports on the idea of “curing gays” and how that has affected many lives.  This time it will be Exodus President Alan Chambers vs. a group of ex-gay survivors.  Viewed against the backdrop of the major disruptions at Exodus and the rest of the ex-gay world this past year, could we be looking at the end of Exodus International?

We have not been impressed with Lisa Ling’s handling of this subject in the past.  Hopefully in this one she will step 0ut of the way and let those involved speak.  I have heard that the session was powerful and m0ving.  If this is not destroyed in editing, this should be worth viewing.  We will revisit this after the airing.

In the mean time, what legitimate functions can Exodus now serve?  Assuming there are some, is their reputation too far gone to allow them to accomplish this?  As Michael Bussee above is quoted, is it time for Alan and the Exodus board to simply shut it down?

Tune in Thursday, June 20th at 10/9c for a special presentation of this powerful report, God and Gays.

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