Photos by Mike Airhart/Ex-Gay Watch

A small coalition of antigay activists met outside the Human Rights Campaign in Washington, D.C., to declare that “homosexuality is nothing to be proud of.”

The press event coincides with Capital Pride in the District and national LGBT Pride Month. Speakers included Peter LaBarbera, founder and president of American for Truth About Homosexuality; Liberty Counsel attorney Matt Barber; Mission America founder Linda Harvey; American Family Association-Pennsylvania activist Diane Gramley, and antigay filmmaker Eric Holmberg.

Approximately a half-dozen people attended the event who were not obviously members of the local, LGBT, or Christian news media.

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Afterthought: The purpose of this press event was to create right-wing and LGBT media buzz, appease antigay donors who continue to prevent pride celebrations in conservative cities; and to aid the Republican Party at IRS hearings. The objective was not crowd turnout; otherwise, the event would have been scheduled for a weekend, in a location where a crowd could gather, and not on a steam grate on HRC’s front lawn.

In these respects, the press event achieved its objectives.


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