From director Roger Ross Williams, comes a movie about the devastating effect of the descent of Evangelicals from the West on Uganda.  XGW readers will be well familiar with the “Kill the Gays Bill” which came out of interventions in 2009 by a number of US evangelists, including The Pink Swastika author Scott Lively.  We haven’t been able to review this movie yet, but it has received rave reviews like this one from The Dallas Weekly:

God loves Uganda is an astonishingly courageous documentary by Academy Award-winning filmmaker Roger Ross Williams. This film takes an intense look at the hate-filled rhetoric that right-winged, Christian Evangelicals are spewing to the vulnerable citizens of Uganda which has become a dumping ground for baseless, homophobic, nonsense.

If you have a group that can do it, host a screening.  The more people who see the truth about what we are doing to cultures through the imposition of fear and hatred, the better we are able to stop it.

For more, watch this interview with Willams on HuffPostLive.

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