Dr. Warren Throckmorton appears to have written an introduction to a series of arguments to counter those put forth by Scott Lively in his book, The Pink Swastika.

Scott Lively has made a career of drawing parallels from Nazi Germany to modern homosexuality. He has gone around the world with the message that homosexuals were responsible for Nazi totalitarianism. Throughout the next month or so, I will provide counter arguments to Lively’s thesis.

After delving into the matter, Throckmorton seems to believe that, if comparisons are to be made, the government of Uganda is acting and sounding more like those leaders of the Third Reich with which Lively seems so titillated.

Lively visited Uganda, as he has other emerging countries, with his revision of the Holocaust and other such “teaching” materials in hand.  From the video we have of at least one meeting after he left, they learned well.

The original meeting also included an Exodus board member, Don Schmierer, a member of Richard Cohen’s International Healing Foundation.  Exodus was soundly chastised for Schmierer’s involvement as well as their silence and inaction after the fact.

Read what looks to be only the beginning of some badly needed fresh air on this subject at Throckmorton’s blog.

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