-The Nevada Legislature overrides Gov. Gibbons’ veto of its domestic partnership bill.

-Gregory Herek advises Californians against trying to repeal Proposition 8 in 2010.

-Former Vice President Dick Cheney supports same-sex marriage, says “freedom is freedom for everyone.”  He would not support a law at the federal level, however.

-Wayne Besen of Truth Wins Out to host a panel on religion and homophobia on June 11 in advance of the next Love Won Out conference in Grand Rapids, MI.

-The Senate Judiciary Committee holds hearings on a bill that would grant immigration rights to binational same-sex couples.

-New Hampshire legalizes same-sex marriage.

-“Gay penguins” at the Bremerhaven, Germany zoo hatch and nurture a chick.

-John Corvino challenges the statement “that’s how I was raised.”

-A Christian group in Charlotte, NC plans a counter rally during local gay pride events to help Jesus wash the gay away.

-Recent polls reconfirm that individuals who personally know GLBT individuals are more likely to support marriage equality.

-Tennessee school districts unblock access to GLBT websites in response to the ACLU’s lawsuit.

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