Don Schmierer of ExodusExodus is changing all right, but hardly in the right direction. Despite hinting numerous times at a more progressive outlook, here comes yet another move to put Exodus firmly in the “What the hell were you thinking of?” category.

In March, reports BTB, Exodus board member Don Schmierer (pictured) will be heading for Uganda to share a platform with Holocaust revisionist Scott Lively and Cohen cohort Caleb Lee Brundidge. The embarrassments for Exodus are numerous.

Lively is no ordinary revisionist. He doesn’t deny 6 million Jews were killed – the author of The Pink Swastika just says that the Nazis responsible were “militant male homosexuals,” and uses this theory to dismiss gay victims of the Holocaust and justify discrimination against homosexuals today.

Exodus’s relationship with risibly unorthodox ex-gay guru Richard Cohen has been somewhat love-hate. After his ridiculous antics were exposed on CNN and the Jimmy Kimmel Show, Exodus joined IVP, NARTH and PFOX in quietly dumping Cohen. In 2006, Exodus officially disassociated themselves from Cohen and his techniques, only to make friends again in 2008.

At least as worrying as the association with Lively and Cohen, however, are the organizers of the conference itself, Family Life Network. Executive Director Stephen Langa made the outrageous claim that homosexuals in Uganda were “busy recruiting school boys and girls at an alarming rate.” Uganda is a country where gay sex can be punished by life imprisonment, yet Langa is hosting the conference in direct response to fears that homosexuality could be decriminalized.

So what does this say about Exodus? We can be certain it is changing – unfortunately by becoming increasingly unconcerned about the company it keeps. Alarmingly, Exodus feels justified in going to a country where the persecutions of homosexuals is sanctioned by the state and, rather than defending the oppressed and speaking up for justice and equality, being used by anti-gay propagandists as fuel for the fire.

Update 4:30PM ET

Warren Throckmorton is reporting on his blog that Caleb Lee Brundidge, mentioned above, is also involved in a ministry which states as one of its goals to raise the dead.  From Extreme Prophetic:

Raising the dead has always been a mandate of the church. Jesus commissioned us to go in His name and preach the good news of the Kingdom. He then went on to explain, that includes healing the sick, casting out demons, and raising the dead. Our evangelism teams, led by Caleb Brundidge and Melissa Fisher recently grabbed hold of this and went out to practice raising the dead. Watch this video, hear Melissa share some great testimonies, and be inspired on how you can take reaching out with the gospel to a whole new level!

The leader of Extreme Prophetic apparently claims the title of Prophet, and she and her team have been to funeral homes trying to raise the dead in what they call “mortuary outreaches.” While they don’t report any success with resurrections, they do claim that that gold dust appeared while they were trying which they believe to be evidence of God’s Spirit.

We certainly hope Exodus board member Don Schmierer can learn more about Extreme Prophetic on his trip to Uganda with Caleb.

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