Gay Children, Straight ParentsInterVarsity Press is a widely respected publisher of Christian themed books, so it struck us as rather amazing when we found a new edition of ex-gay guru Richard Cohen’s book Gay Children, Straight Parents: A Plan For Family Healing on their upcoming book list for July 2007. While some may not appreciate the difference, one can normally expect a line between Cohen’s work and that from a traditional, solid publisher like IVP. Perhaps this is why Cohen normally self-publishes.

However, when we checked back to write this story on the release, there was no sign of the book on the IVP site. Even Cohen’s site, which for a time reflected the new version listed at IVP, now shows the older version published by his International Healing Foundation. The only evidence left of the IVP edition is this Amazon link, which still shows a July availability date, but offers only pre-orders.

We contacted IVP about a week ago to ask what happened, but they did not reply. We can only hope that they realized that their reputation would suffer if they published something from the likes of Cohen and pulled the book. If not, they could end up not only damaging their own reputation, but conveying undue legitimacy to Cohen and his bizarre ideas.

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