Richard CohenOver the past couple of days, The National Association for the Therapy of Homosexuals (NARTH), and Parents and Friends of Gays and Ex-Gays (PFOX), have quietly removed all traces of any affirmation of Richard Cohen. PFOX has removed all references to him entirely, while NARTH has left only historical events which included his name – all his articles are gone and his books no longer appear in their online bookstore.

Before these completely slide into the void, take a look at what has been removed:


Why Rosie O’Donnell has SSA (cached)

This was removed entirely.

Gay Children, Straight Parents (cached)

This was removed entirely.

Ex-Gay Legislation Introduced in Hate Crimes Bill (current)
Ex-Gay Legislation Introduced in Hate Crimes Bill (cached)

This line was removed, “Maryland ex-gay author Richard Cohen was accused of hate against homosexuals when he released his new book ‘Coming Out Straight’. ”

Recommended Resources (current)
Recommended Resources (cached)

Multiple references removed.

Finding a Therapist (current)
Finding a Therapist (cached)

This one is interesting, they removed Cohen’s authorship but left his entire article as is – of all things, his instructions on what to look for in a therapist!

Diary of an Ex-Gay Man — Part 2 (current)
Diary of an Ex-Gay Man — Part 2 (cached)

Removed casual mentions of Cohen throughout narrative.

Diary of an Ex-Gay Man — Part 3 (current)
Diary of an Ex-Gay Man — Part 3 (cached)



Bookstore (current)
Bookstore (cached)

Removed all three books by Cohen.

It is uncertain exactly why they chose now to finally distance themselves entirely (at least publicly) from the the self-described “psychotherapist and educator.” Cohen was permanently expelled from the American Counseling Association several years ago and currently operates without a license. Until last year he was the president of PFOX and just months ago they were still referring people to him. He is known for his bizarre media appearances and unorthodox methods, appearing most recently on The Daily Show in what may have been his most absurd performance to date (though there are so many). Perhaps this was the straw that broke the proverbial camel’s back.

Coincidentally, Exodus president Alan Chambers recently made that organization’s disagreement with Cohen’s methods clear as well. Exodus VP Randy Thomas also displayed his personal embarrassment. Whatever the reasons, it would appear that PFOX and NARTH have had enough of Richard Cohen, as have we all.

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