Almost two years after beginning my work at XGW I’m now leaving in my official capacity. In those two years my work has changed from being a dutiful author to today where I find the majority of my work is spent behind the scenes; collaborating with gay activists, making films, and talking to the media. To be free to do my best work XGW and I agree I need a degree of autonomy not possible if I remained on staff.

But don’t fear, I shall continue my film making, continue my public speaking, and I will continue to collaborate with the XGW authors behind the scenes on a regular basis, so who knows, you might even see the occasional guest post on here. I’m not going anywhere…

Ok, but I do have a new email addy so update your books:

And feel free to continue sending me leads, I’ll make sure they’re utilized to their full potential, it just might be by Peterson, or Wayne, or Pam, or Jim, or Jeremy, or of course XGW.

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