-A Russian man is brutally murdered for being gay.

-A transgender woman in Hong Kong wins the right to marry her boyfriend.

-A gay couple is savagely attacked in Cyprus.

-Minnesota becomes state #12.

-Queer Rising plans a rally to protest recent anti-gay violence in New York City.

-Brazil’s National Council of Justice rules that government offices cannot refuse marriage licenses to gay couples.

-LGBT rights advance in Nevada.

New polls find majority support for marriage equality in Michigan, Arizona and Virginia.

-ILGA-Europe releases its annual review of the state of LGBT rights throughout Europe.

-The Texas House votes to allow university student groups to discriminate against potential members.

-Uma Thurman signs on to play Anita Bryant in an upcoming biopic.

-Anti-gay protesters shut down a gay pride rally in Tbilisi, Georgia.

-Portugal expands adoption rights for gay couples.

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