News broke yesterday of the possible death of long-time ex-gay advocate Anthony Falzarano’s death.  No one seemed to be certain of the validity of this report and he appeared at a West Palm Beach social event earlier this month with his wife.  He also attempted to comment here* barely two days ago.  Falzarano was banned from further participation at XGW long ago for abuse of the privilege so the comment was not posted, but it was in keeping with his usual tone and subject matter.

The Palm Beach County Medical Examiner’s Office confirmed to us this morning that they indeed had an Anthony Falzarano there in their morgue.  Since Anthony and his wife, Dianne, are the only ones listed there by that name, we are taking this as confirmation that this is the same Anthony Falzarano who has participated in ex-gay and anti-gay activities since the 1990’s.  They would not release the cause of death.

While we don’t wish to dwell on the matter after a man’s death, Anthony Falzarano was a difficult person to deal with, subject to widely varying changes in mood, quick to anger and verbal attack.  It would be hard to report accurately about him without mentioning these traits.  He founded the rabidly anti-gay PFOX and was at one time a member of Exodus International.  He shunned both in later years as being too soft on the “gay agenda.”

Falzarano is apparently survived by his Wife Dianne, and what appears to be at least one daughter, Mary V Falzarano.

* Comment released posthumously.

Update: We have been told by unofficial sources that Mr. Falzarano died of a heart attack.

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