In The Oregonian, Tom Hallman, Jr, writes:

A good feature story is about something universal. When it comes to apologies, no one gets a pass in this life. Everyone deserves one, and everyone needs to give one. When I mentioned this letter to people, I found a story more universal than any that I’d written in years. Everyone told me they had someone they wished they could apologize to. And they told me that by the time they realized that truth, it was too late.

He relates the story of Larry, a man who, in the 1972-73 school year, transferred from his grade-8 social studies class because his teacher, Mr Atteberry, was gay. Thirty-nine years later, he apologized, and the two have reconciled.

I’m linking the story for personal reasons as much as anything. It inspired me, and this morning I sent off two emails to apologize to people I think I hurt; one as long as 25 years ago. I hope it’ll inspire you to say sorry to those you’ve hurt, too.

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