He’s not joking, the book is You Don’t Have to be Gay by Jeff Konrad.  If you want to get a copy, look no further than the Exodus bookstore — not that Exodus has anything to do with gays going straight or anything.

I tend to agree with one commenter from the Amazon listing:

He [the author] says that in high school, he had a big crush on a girl but was too shy to do anything about it or was hurt by her. He then got a boyfriend and, at first, was “disgusted” at the idea of kissing him. This tells me that the author was either bi-sexual, heterosexual, or 90% heterosexual to begin with. As a gay man, I have never had an attraction to a girl, and the idea of kissing a man I loved was wonderful to me and still is.

Whatever Konrad was, it doesn’t sound like he was gay.  Yet he’s giving advice that gay men are supposed to follow to become straight (something which is either extraordinarily rare and unpredictable, or just impossible).  This illustrates in a nutshell a significant avenue of damage caused by these organizations.  Most are painfully unprofessional and unscientific, which leads to a buffet of recommendations consisting of every amateur idea and “therapy” one can imagine — just about anything will do.

Exodus must think a lot of Konrad’s ideas, as they don’t just sell his book but highly recommend it.  From a review in their newly renovated student (youth) section:

I strongly encourage any male struggling with homosexuality to read this book.  It is not only educational; it is transformational and filled with hope and optimism.  Konrad does a fine job by utilizing support from well-known psychologists and scholars on homosexual issues to address the root of the matter and provide an alternative to the world’s view of what to do with this attraction.  As a struggler himself, he pulls from a life of experience to provide heartfelt wisdom to a man that is in desperate need of answers.  Reading this book will truly bring great insight and healing for the homosexual struggler, and enlightenment to those who don’t struggle.

Res ipsa loquitur.

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