-A gay couple in North Carolina are victims of arson.

-Police in Bahrain arrest 127 gay men at a private party.

-A new survey finds that 83% of Kentuckians oppose discrimination against gays.

-The Advocate interviews Ted Haggard.

-Maggie Gallagher inadvertently convinces a Maryland state senator to support marriage equality.

-Nearly 2/3 of adults in New Hampshire oppose repeal of the state’s marriage law, according to a new poll.

-The city of Manhattan, KS adds sexual orientation and gender identity to its non-discrimination ordinance.

-Canada’s House of Commons votes to extend non-discrimination and hate crimes protections to transgender individuals.

-The Dallas Voice shares the story of a couple that met in an ex-gay program.

-A British radio host is forced to flee Uganda.

-The Hawaii House votes in favor of civil unions.

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