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MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow has begun continuing coverage of the Uganda Anti-Homosexuality Bill. On Wednesday evening’s show she read responses from the three Americans who comprised the conference in Kampala earlier this year which served as a starting point for the legislation.

While Exodus did finally take a stand of sorts against the bill, tonight’s broadcast was the first occasion we know of where Richard Cohen or his organization (International Healing Foundation) have responded at all. While XGW and others contacted him directly for comment long ago, Cohen claimed to Maddow that he was unaware of the legislation in question. Scott Livey also responded with words one might expect from the author of the Pink Swastika.

Andrew Marin was scheduled for the show, but scheduling prevented his appearance. He is slated for another time. Maddow vows to continue coverage tomorrow.

Hat Tip: Warren Throckmorton

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