The Pink Swastika BookEx-Gay Watch readers have probably read of the frightening anti-gay conference held in Kampala, Uganda earlier this month. Exodus International board member Don Schmierer, Holocaust revisionist Scott Lively and the International Healing Foundation’s Caleb Lee Brundidge were center stage. Scott Lively is best known for having co-written the discredited book “The Pink Swastika,” which claims that the evils of the Nazi Party were a direct result of rampant homosexuality in its ranks. It denies the fact that thousands of gays and lesbians were targeted, imprisoned, and gassed, having been deemed “anti-social” and “undesirable” by Hitler’s Nazi regime, instead it declares most were actually political prisoners. The book acknowledges that some people may have been killed for being gay, but with a caveat:

“There is evidence to suggest that only the effeminate homosexuals were mistreated under the Nazi regime — and usually at the hands of masculine homosexuals.”

Although Lively’s views may seem like those of a fringe activist, Exodus International kept a page dedicated to him and his revision of history on their website until Monday, March 9th. It has now been removed with a line in its place saying “This opinion article by Scott Lively from 1995 is no longer offered by Exodus International.”

Even if Exodus felt it was an extremely relevant piece of research related to homosexuality, it is curious that they could find a way to comfortably justify using Lively’s work. Exodus, like most ex-gay organizations, is affiliated with conservative evangelical Christianity. Such Christian denominations, largely due to a focus on eschatology, do their best to ally themselves with the Jewish community. Christian Zionists support Israel to the point of uncompromising activism. Jews are prize targets for conversion, as many of these Christians believe that the conversion of the Children of Israel will hasten the “Second Coming.” And as the old saying goes, you catch more flies with honey than with vinegar.

But supporting a Holocaust revisionist and endorsing his work is not the way to a Jewish person’s heart. For one thing, whether you are a Jewish person who is religiously opposed to homosexual acts or not, using the Holocaust to make a case against gay people is nonetheless despicable. It diminishes and makes a pawn of one of the most important tragic events in Jewish history, indeed in human history. But even if one can find a way to put that fact aside, it doesn’t matter if Lively acknowledges the death of the six million, it doesn’t matter that the “only” thing that he says mainstream historians got wrong was that gays are largely responsible for Hitler’s Germany and the Holocaust. When one truth is shaded, it throws the door wide open for others to be shaded as well. The truths of the Shoah – every single truth – should never be left to ambiguity.

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