According to a post on his website, Pink Swastika co-author Scott Lively has learned all he can about “the homosexual movement” and will be turning his attention to other things.

With the June 17th publication of my final book on the homosexual issue, “Redeeming the Rainbow: A Christian Response to the ‘Gay’ Agenda,” I have completed 20 years of service as a front-lines opponent of the homosexual movement. “Redeeming the Rainbow,” which I have published as a free book in pdf format, encompasses all that I have learned through this long tour of duty and I believe there is little more that I could add on the issue…

swasinbinLively most recently caused a stir when he was the dominant influence in a three day conference on homosexuality in Uganda.  His materials, centering around the book mentioned above, are being used by religious leaders there even now and to horrible results for GLBTs in that society.  One can be arrested and jailed indefinitely simply for being gay.

In his book and the handful of venues that will invite him, Lively claims that the Nazis were an outgrowth of the gay rights movement in Germany, and that all the key leadership, including Hitler, were gay. He also claims that gays were not killed in the Holocaust, quite the reverse. Finally, he ties this in with the gay rights movement today, claiming that it will all happen again… if allowed.

During the past few weeks, Dr. Warren Throckmorton has made a thorough effort to review the facts surrounding the historical references used by Lively and his co-author, Kevin Abrahms.  He is aided in the task by Jon David Wyneken, Associate Professor of History at Grove City College, who has as special focus on that period of history. They provide an outstanding, well documented dismantling of Lively’s work — details, main premise and all.

There can be no real doubt that Pink Swastika, the backbone of Lively’s claims, is built upon a bizarre mixture of half-truths and paranoid conspiracy theories. The truly incredible part of the entire mess is that people today, any people, would allow themselves to be taken in by such a bad distortion of the truth. Lively does a disservice to real history, and the blood that paid for the survival of freedom during that time.

Only time will tell if this statement is a genuine move away from this utter dead end, or if Lively simply wants that badly to have himself removed as one of only twelve gay hate groups in the country, as listed by the venerable Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC). Either way, we will continue to watch him.

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