Ex-gay proponents Joseph Nicolosi, Arthur Goldberg and Jeffrey Satinover are in London today for the Sex & the City conference organized by Anglican Mainstream, the publishers of the tired, homophobic polemic God, Gays and the Church.

On BBC Radio Five Live last night, JONAH’s Arthur Goldberg made the mistake of invoking the 1979 Masters-Johnson study in support of ex-gay therapy – seemingly oblivious to the recent controversy surrounding its conclusions. When host Stephen Nolan asked (rather clumsily, admittedly) whether Goldberg woke up each day and made the decision to be attracted to women, rather than “bits of cloth” or animals, say, he answered quite confidently, “Yes.”

Oh Arthur. When being attracted to women instead of animals is a conscious choice you have to make every day, you’re the one who needs therapy.

Meanwhile, queer Quaker performance artist Peterson Toscano, who is currently touring the UK with his one-man show Transfigurations, offered some words of encouragement to protesters.

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