Randy Thomas “wept” at finding out how many are being tortured and murdered abroad because they are attracted to the same sex.

I honestly don’t know what to do other than expose it here on the blog and pray for doors to open.  Some have for Alan in Uganda (currently getting ramped up for a government crackdown ::: shaking my head in bewilderment :::) and for a couple of other people we know with other countries.

It might seem surprising that Randy would claim “bewilderment” at the actions of Ugandans, since a member of his own organization’s board went overseas to participate in the conference that sparked such “bewildering” actions against gays. But it shouldn’t be surprising, according to Randy, because:

Yes, [Don Schmierer] is a board member but Exodus, as an organization, had nothing to do with that conference.

Apparently, because he is a board member and not a staff person, he has no accountability to the organization of Exodus International. He said the following in response to a commenter taking him to task:

Do you know what *all* has and hasn’t been done? We don’t treat everything as blog fodder for public show. Just because we don’t have daily briefings with activists intent on “destroying” us, or bloggers seeking something to blog about, doesn’t mean some significant discussions and inroads have been made in the background.

Actually, Randy blogs every single day, often several times a day. He recently celebrated his 1800th post.  A significant amount of his posts have to do with homosexuality or topics relating to “ex-gay” – sorry, “post-gay” – issues. And he is quick to provide publicity for other events, articles and blog posts created by Alan Chambers, Albert Mohler, Mike Ensley, and many allies of the ex-gay community. So a silence regarding a well-publicized conference featuring prominent ex-gay advocates, including a member of Exodus’ own board, is peculiar.

Alan Chambers made a statement on his blog that could be considered a great first step. But direct action is what is needed, not blog posts.

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