nicolosi.jpgOver 100 activists have pledged to join a protest in London on Saturday, when reparative therapist Dr Joseph Nicolosi (pictured) addresses conservative Christians at the Sex & the City Conference.

Nicolosi will be joined by NARTH colleague Jeffrey Satinover and JONAH President Arthur Goldberg for the weekend, organized by CARE and Anglican Mainstream, the Church of England group behind the egregiously homophobic 2008 publication God, Gays and the Church.

Among Nicolosi’s outmoded and offensive ideas are that lack of fatherly love leads to homosexuality (“If you don’t hug your sons, some other man will,” he tells fathers) and that being artistic is a warning sign of a gay child.

A major plank in the arguments of reparative therapy organizations like NARTH has been the 1979 study by Masters and Johnson, but as Warren Throckmorton reported this week, a new book suggests its findings were severely misleading, if not completely fabricated.

A tip of the hat to Peterson Toscano, who is currently touring the UK. (And this author will be sure to catch him if he can!)

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