Parents and Friends of Ex-Gays (PFOX) has emailed an “action alert” from Mission America to their subscriber list.  Recipients are asked to “help keep the activists accountable” by reporting the web site “Prop 8 Maps” to the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) as a hate group.

Subject: Protect Heterosexuals

Help Keep the Activists Accountable: One simple thing you can do

Please do one simple thing to keep rabid homosexual activism accountable.

Go to this page of the Southern Poverty Law Center web site:

Send them a complaint about a hate group. In the selection box, click on “Report hate activity in your community.” This should work even if you are not in California. Then just compose a quick message about the following group:

The group is this web site,

This site identifies the physical addresses of the Prop 8 donors–those who contributed to the successful California measure affirming traditional marriage.

Here’s a suggested text for your message:

Please list among your hate groups the organization responsible for the web site, . This site has made it easy for anyone who wants to physically target a person who contributed funds to support the Proposition 8 marriage initiative. This is a direct incitement to possible violence, and the site needs to be taken down. In addition, please list under your “hate incidents” all the pro-homosexual, anti-marriage violence that occurred following the passage of Prop 8. Right now, there seems to be nothing listed on your site. Please be objective and list ALL types of “hate” incidents.

Thank you.
Please pass this along message to as many people as possible.
If the SPLC really monitors hate and incitement to violence, they need to identify these folks as a hate group and also, list the virulent actions of the anti-marriage activists.

Mission America

Mission America is one of the more extreme anti-gay “ministries” in the US, founded and led by an equally extreme and anti-gay Linda Harvey. Most recently they have backed the Walk Out on the Day of Silence, but XGW has a record of years worth of behavior that leaves little doubt about their stance on GLBT issues, or the rights of just about anyone who does not share their own particular sect of Christianity.  Their home page is titled:

Mission:America – Learn the Truth about Homosexuality, Witchcraft, Changing Christian Church, Radical Feminism, and the Youth Culture

Prop 8 Maps ( has taken publicly available campaign donation records, in this case concerning those who donated one-hundred dollars or more in support of Proposition 8 in California, and made the information easily searchable on a Google Maps mashup.

As we understand it, posting this information is legal and complies with transparency laws in that state. Mission America and some other pro-Proposition 8 groups believe instead that this is an attempt at intimidation. An attempt to persuade a judge of the latter was unsuccessful.

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