-The Nigerian government considers a bill to further toughen its anti-gay laws.

-Former senator Rick Santorum refuses to debate with Andrew Sullivan on the issue of gay marriage.

-The Minnesota Family Council tries to get an amendment banning all forms of same-sex unions on the 2010 ballot.

-The Rev. Irene Monroe examines the “Down Low” culture inside the African-American church.

-Tennessee State Rep. Tracey Campfield reintroduces a bill that would ban teachers from making any reference to homosexuality in the classroom.

-Via Jonathan Rauch, acceptance of homosexuality is up to 56% among Christians in mainline denominations according to a recent Pew survey.

-The myth of “gay affluence,” which has been used by politically active ex-gays at Exodus to “prove” that gays don’t need equal rights protections under the law, is debunked once again.

-Californians Against Hate exposes National Organization for Marriage as a Mormon front group that hid its LDS connections with the agenda to pass Prop 8.

-Liberty Council’s Mat Staver says gay parents should be denied custody rights in order to protect marriage.

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