It’s a non-sequential?  The video above is from the upcoming movie Chasing the Devil: Inside the Ex-Gay Movement by Bill Hussung and Mishara Canino-Hussing.  Ex-Gay guru and all around bizarre guy Richard Cohen seems only too happy to participate, bringing back memories of pillows and tennis rackets.  Listen carefully, there are some interesting comments.  One that I didn’t quite get is in the beginning, he’s says he has been married for “2300 23,000 years”?  Is that just a joke or is it a Moonie thing? (I honestly don’t know)

Dr. Jack Drescher brings us a brief period of sanity, perhaps laced with bemusement at what he is seeing — yet again.  Meanwhile,Cohen has a new web site and is training “coaches” or whatever, having apparently mended fences with Exodus International.  One has to wonder, when will someone on that side of the aisle deal with Cohen in a public way?  Or is this Prop 8 where the ends justify the means and keeping ex-gay pseudo-science going — even this most bizarre of chapters — is justifiable?

Think about that as they put on happy faces and spin, spin, spin at the ongoing Exodus Leadership conference.

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