Staunch ex-gay Stephen Bennett has apparently moved to yet another work-from-home project.  While Good As You’s Jeremy Hooper may have spoiled the grand opening, the cache still shows the details of the  now locked page.  More can be seen below from the brief RSS feed:

Daddy Pants - Stephen Bennett

Bennett has run through a lot of small business ventures to earn his living; sign making, drawing, singing, ex-gay, podcast, virtual church, private discussion group, selling real estate, and now sewing and selling pajama bottom pants to name a few.  Many of these ventures required donations to provide the capital, from which Bennett and his wife would take their paycheck and expenses.  This is perfectly legal to our knowledge, but in Bennett’s case not particularly efficient.  For example, in 2006, Bennett’s ministry reported gross income of nearly $300,000.  From that, Bennett and his wife received approx $125K in compensation and miscellaneous benefits, along with nearly $50K in travel expenses (Form 990 – 2006).

Many in the ex-gay industry give us reason to question their sincerity.  When facts are few, it makes trust even harder to come by.  But in our opinion, few have such a strong ring of insincerity as Stephen Bennett.  Despite many chances to give depth and support to his story, he has not done so.  And his dogged claim of 100% homosexual to heterosexual, while just what the anti-gay activist right wants to hear, is far from both the data and the reality of ex-gay programs.

If the pattern continues, “Daddy Pants” will be replaced at some point in the near future with yet another idea.  The requirements are only that it can be done from home, take little money to start and sell for more than it should.  Then again, if it prevents his contribution to the pain and confusion of GLBT’s, perhaps we should all buy a pair?

H/T: Good As You

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