iris_robinson_mp.jpgThe British LGBT charity Stonewall has awarded politician Iris Robinson the title of “Bigot of the Year” after she publicly denounced homosexuality as “disgusting, nauseous, loathsome, shamefully wicked and vile.” The MP also told the British Parliament that “sodomy” was worse than “sexually abusing innocent children.”

Mrs Robinson, the wife of Northern Ireland First Minister Peter Robinson, caused controversy when she appeared on a radio show in June this year, labelling homosexuality an “abomination” and saying that gays were “set apart from society because of their behaviour.” She endorsed ex-gay therapy, claiming she knew former homosexuals who had “turned around and become heterosexual.”

With amazing audacity, the UK’s Christian Institute condemned the award, dramatically proclaiming that Mrs Robinson was “bullied” by Stonewall and “singled out” for her “Christian beliefs.” Presumably, describing the lives of gay men as disgusting, vile, loathsome and wicked, and condemning them as worse than child molesters is just telling it as it is, where calling Robinson on her bigotry is mere bullying.

On a more positive note, another Robinson – Bishop Gene of New Hampshire – was voted Hero of the Year at Thursday’s ceremony.

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