Psalms 51:8 (Psalms 51:6 in Christian texts) tells us that G-d desires truth from one’s inner-most self. Proverbs 25:18 says that lying about your neighbor is as bad as inflicting physical harm upon them.

I’m sitting here contemplating these very basic and powerful lines of scripture, all the while wondering why Exodus International doesn’t just go for broke and start its own PAC.

XGW posted an entry putting to light Randy Thomas’ continued contempt for legalized LGBTQ equality and Alan Chambers’ “conflicted” feelings regarding Proposition 8. Despite an official stance of being apolitical, Exodus has chosen to once again embody a very Orwellian definition of something they espouse. Mike Airhart notes that joining Randy and Alan, Mike Ensley (Exodus’ Youth specialist) has engaged in his own political actions. Airhart also reports that a post in Randy’s personal blog has been promoted by the Exodus Youth newsletter. The topic of the post? “Far-Left Hate Mongering.”

Mike Ensley’s new facebook-helmed Conservative Education Project touts an idealized portrait of Ronald Reagan – the man who voted against a proposition to ban openly gay teachers while governor of California. Among the rules listed in the group, promotion of pro-liberal arguments is prohibited, as this is apparently not a group intending to reach across the aisles. Rather, Mike Ensley is determined to keep tabs on President-Elect Barack Obama’s agenda:

Hey everyone, I’m gradually posting items from the Obama agenda (directly from his site) and would like your thoughts. Responses in any area where you have increased interest or experience would also be greatly appreciated!

There have been a number of movements gelling to fight against the “extreme liberal” agenda of the new administration. The Heritage Foundation, a group Ensley recommends to members of his group, is especially alarmed about the “resurgent left.” This kind of enthusiasm is coming from a man who advocates spreading gossip about school Gay-Straight Alliances, so really there isn’t that much surprise.

If Exodus is so adamant about freedom of choice – freedom to live the way one wants to live – then why are they so determined to make life more difficult for sexually honest gays?

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