• Peter LaBarbera declares a Boycott of Chicago’s Hyatt Regency and Palmer House Hilton hotels after attending International Mr. Leather there.
  • Southern Poverty Law Center reports that the AFA opposes hate crimes legislation because they claim it will negate your right to call homosexuality a sin. However, bill H.R. 1592 only covers “cases where a victim was physically attacked or the subject of an attempted attack.” “Sharing your faith” by calling homosexuality a sin would still be perfectly legal.
  • Joe Brummer calculates that Focus on the Family could put the $30 million they use on anti-gay forces to good use in more charitable areas, such as preventing malaria in Africa or sponsoring children in need.
  • Tivo and Focus on the Family collaborated in a contest inviting participants to write an essay on why their dad is a “superdad.” In response, BTB has sent out the same request to readers – especially inviting those who have dads who are gay, or are supportive of their gay children. They will award the author of the best essay a free BTB T-Shirt.
  • BTB’s Timothy Kincaid critiques the Liberty Council’s apparent lack of legal knowledge.

UPDATE: “Good As You” tried to submit an entry to FOTF’s contest praising a dad who accepts and loves his gay son. Focus has refused to print it.

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