The Anglican Archbishop of Sydney, Dr. Peter Jensen, is a central figure in the opposition to same-sex marriages and homosexuals serving in the church. As such, he is also firmly against the appointment of openly gay Gene Robinson as the Bishop of New Hampshire. Earlier this year he attempted to rally support against homosexuality in a rift that threatens to split the church.

Curiously, Dr. Jensen is also consistent in rejecting the appointment of female bishops.

Archbishop Jensen has also argued strongly against the possibility of women bishops for the Anglican Church of Australia.

Holder of the Licentiate in Theology and Bachelor of Divinity, Dr. Jensen failed to answer direct questions regarding several passages of scripture that (most would agree) no longer apply in today’s culture and compare those to similar passages about homosexuality.  The interview, conducted by CNNNN, demonstrates at what point Dr. Jensen becomes rather less consistent.

He should, however, be credited for not quite entering the Nicolosi “Grey Zone” with his response.

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