peterson_toscano.jpgEx-gay survivor Peterson Toscano will be taking his one-man show to the Lambeth Conference, the 10-yearly international gathering of Anglican bishops. The announcement has provoked a near-hysterical response from some “traditional” Anglicans.

At Times correspondent Ruth Gledhill’s blog, one reader predicts that the conference “will simply be a circus.” Another laments that “there will be clowns for entertainment.”

But over at Stand Firm in Faith, where Greg Griffith has “no doubt … just how gay Peterson Toscano really is,” the reaction borders on self-parody. Indeed, I thought initially that this comment was a spoof, although on further reading it appears not. The incisive commentator first speculates that Peterson is using a form of hypnosis:

I am not an expert but I do know a bit about some of techniques used in mind control. I call attention to the subject’s use of snapping his fingers as he moves from personality to personality.

Clearly, the subject could be using the snapping as a method of drawing the viewer’s attention to the fact that he is changing his presentation or it could be an auditory cue to a twisted mind to shift from one character to another.

Then he incredulously adds:

I do not think anyone would argue against the observation that something really awful has happened to this young man.

Read the rest for yourself. He helpfully offers an informal diagnosis of schizophrenia. On the plus side, Peterson twice in the thread is referred to as a “young man” (I told you it was incredulous!), so surely there is reason for hope.

Peterson’s own understated response is buried somewhere in here. Event details are here.

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