• Peter Lane, director of Exodus Asia-Pacific, states that criticism from former ex-gays “has hurt his organization,” but declares that it “doesn’t minimize the message” of Exodus.
  • PFOX claims attacks against ex-gays are “rising,” even though most of the events they cite are old news, and some of those claims have since been disputed.
  • On June 1st, Israel’s city of Tel Aviv opened the first LGBT center in the world to be financed and run by local government. There is a special focus on youth, says the Tel Aviv Mayor’s advisor Itai Pinkas, because of the high suicide rate of gay teens.
  • Despite the host’s persistent inquiry on the topic, O’Reilly Factor guest Don Schweitzer can’t come up with a sound reason to oppose same-sex marriage. Bill O’Reilly doesn’t offer any, either.
  • The American Family Association has adopted an interesting tactic to keep watchdog organization Right Wing Watch from reporting on them. But RWW is wilier than the AFA thinks.
  • Peter Labarbera once again attends International Mr. Leather to document “homosexual perversion.” He then attempts to blame the gay community at large for acts committed by heterosexuals. (hat tip BTB)
  • BTB reports that UCLA will study mixed-orientation identical twins (where one twin is gay and the other is straight) in order to learn more about how genes control sexual orientation. Anti-gay activists often stress the lacking of evidence of a single “gay gene,” using past identical twin studies to bolster their argument. the researchers participating in this coming study aim to learn more about how DNA causes the same genes to act in different ways, rather than trying to find what genes control which attributes – which may explain why identical twins can end up being different orientations.

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