• Despite Exodus’s supposed retreat from politics, Randy Thomas speaks out on the Exodus website against gay marriage (specifically, the recent California gay marriage victory) and legislation that protects the LGBT community from hate crimes. He also speaks on behalf of Exodus’s political beliefs in an article in AdvanceUSA, a conservative Christian political blog.
  • A new field poll suggests that most Californians support the recent gay marriage decision.
  • A coalition will be held to counter Love Won Out in Orlando on Wednesday June 4, at 11 am. The guest list includes Wayne Besen of Truth Wins Out. On Saturday at 7:30 AM there will be a PFLAG-led vigil in front of the Love Won Out conference at the First Presbyterian Church of Orlando.
  • Wayne Besen: Dr. Warren Throckmorton’s career is “over,” and his partial-retraction of the “I Do Exist” video was the nail in its coffin. “in tatters.”
  • A lesbian blogger critiques the testimony of “ex-lesbian” Christine Sneeringer. Point-by-point commentary is interjected into the text of the testimonial.
  • Blogger Joe Moderate shares why he left the ex-gay movement.
  • An article in the Presbyterian publication The Laymen declares that the only viable options for gays are to commit suicide or enter into ex-gay therapy to “change.” Alan Chambers echoes this sentiment by implying that death or change are the only two options available for gays.
  • Catholics are now opening ex-gay centers in Poland.
  • Dakota Voice’s Bob Ellis says he has the “real story” (in 7 parts, no less) on the movie For The Bible Tells Me So.

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