• LifeSiteNews claims that ex-gays live in fear because of a stigma imposed on them by homosexuals, citing PFOX “under attack” at ex-gay exhibit booths as an example. They also cited the recent Ryan Sorba debacle as the main reason why the potentially one-sided American Psychiatric Association’s “Homosexuality and Therapy: The Religious Dimension” symposium was cancelled.
  • Stephen Black believes Ex-Gay Watch is WATCHING and STALKING ex-gay leaders, even though Ex-Gay Watch already freely invited him (and many other ex-gays for that matter) to comment here, and even moderated some unsupported claims against him.
    Update: Black has removed this comment from his blog posts.  XGW appreciates his reconsideration.
  • In an example of the infamous “slippery slope” argument, Peter Sprigg of FRC claims incidents like the one involving the [heterosexual] polygamous cult in Texas will become the norm should homosexuals be granted equal marriage rights. Yet another example of the infamous “slippery slope” argument.
  • Peter LaBarbera accuses Timothy Kincaid of “anti-Christian bigotry”, Kincaid counters by dredging up plenty of anti-Christian bigotry from LaBarbera’s own writings
  • Jay Bakker, son of Jim and (the late) Tammy Faye Bakker, challenges megachurch pastor Joel Osteen on his anti-gay message
  • Truth Wins Out: Ex-gays failing to denounce anti-gay violence

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