Exodus Member MinistryA rally was held at the Oklahoma Sate Capital in support of Representative Sally Kern’s comments on homosexuality. Among other things, she said that gays and their desire for rights are more dangerous to our country than terrorism. The rally was held mostly by churches and related groups, who seem to view Kern as a prophetic “voice in the wilderness.” Ostensibly held to fight for Kern’s right of free speech, this appears to be little more than a straw man as no one has seriously questioned that she has such a right.

Interviewed at the rally, executive director Stephen Black of First Stone Ministries, a member of ex-gay Exodus International, seemed to agree with Kern’s message. From The Oklahoman:

Stephen Black, executive director of First Stone Ministries in Oklahoma City, said he once was gay. His organization, he said, helps men and women overcome homosexuality.

“There is a political agenda and a cultural message about homosexuality (and) that it is destructive to our country,” he said.

Exodus has taken on a “veil of decency” of late, but we are still waiting to see genuine, outward evidence of this change. Last year Exodus president Alan Chambers talked of “jaunty mustached muscle men” and the “evil gay agenda” waiting to take people in while speaking at the dismal Family Impact Summit.

Before anyone at Exodus argues with the same straw man, we believe Black has the right under the First Amendment to say whatever he likes. However, what would their reaction be if he were to have denied the Deity of Christ? Might they have something to say about that?

Let’s see if they have something to say about this. Or perhaps Alan Chambers agrees with Sally Kern? When we asked for his comments on her original talk, he replied with “no comment.”

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