jonah_cross.jpgDespite the fact that it was revealed that half of their library is made up of Christian literature, and their online resource center is padded with articles from Christian therapists and counselors, Jews Offering New Alternatives to Homosexuality (JONAH) strives to provide ex-gay therapy to an exclusively Jewish clientele. Christian ex-gay group Exodus International’s Alan Medinger has contributed six articles, more than any other writer, to JONAH’s online library, including one that needed to be “adapted” from its original Christian context (PDF) to be easy on Jewish eyes. Clearly, JONAH considers him to be a good resource – so imagine the surprise I felt when I saw the following statement from an article he’d written for Exodus International explaining the reasons why he left the Episcopal Church:

5. The rejection of evangelism. The strenuous objection to the evangelization of the Jews reveals the fundamental universalism of the Episcopal Church.

In this context, “universalism” is code for “inclusion” or a sort of “liberalism” – that is, according to Medinger, the Episcopal Church is too inclusive of ideas and religions outside the Episcopalian faith, and not orthodox (read: exclusive) enough. He obliquely mentions “radical feminism” (whatever that means) as a danger to the church. Now, JONAH has stooped pretty low to push their anti-gay stance, including using research tied to Holocaust Revisionism. But I think that even a religious Jew who can somehow justify using bad science to back up their Halakhic convictions would agree that JONAH would be doing a Jewish soul a disservice by sending them down a path that could potentially lead to their abandonment of the Jewish faith.

Still, I sincerely doubt Medinger’s presence will disappear from JONAH’s site – they didn’t even bother to remove Paul Rondeau’s only article, which directly quotes Nazi-admiring Paul Cameron. Why would they remove the literature of a man who singularly provides 8% of their online library? Perhaps Christian ex-gay groups aren’t the ONLY ones who offer “freedom from homosexuality through Jesus Christ.”

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