JONAHJews Offering New Alternatives to Homosexuality (JONAH) appears to stand alone as the only Jewish ex-gay organization in the country. With a fairly substantial online library, rabbinical commentary, and even an option to read the site in Hebrew, JONAH is obviously taking great pains to reach out exclusively to a Jewish audience. But at what cost are they trying to prove that homosexuality is a lifestyle of vice and ultimately harmful to both society and humanity?

Apparently, not even a Jewish ex-gay group is afraid of employing the research of a Holocaust revisionist, so long as it furthers their cause. In his article entitled “Selling Homosexuality to America,” Paul E. Rondeau makes the claim that “domestic violence in homosexual ‘domestic partnerships’ as a group is several times higher than for heterosexual married couples.” Dr. Paul Cameron’s report “Gay Domestic Violence Finally Measured” is cited as proof (see bottom of the page, citation number 230). Cameron, an evangelical Christian and head of the self-created Family Research Institute, has achieved notoriety in the ex-gay community as a prime provider of anti-gay statistics. He is infamous for highly flawed studies, which despite numerous rebukes by the scientific community, still remain to be oft cited by those with an anti-gay agenda.

But perhaps most chilling about Cameron is his use of German SS officer and convicted murderer Rudolf Höss’s observations of homosexuality in concentration camps to support his own convictions. Indeed, Cameron has openly mused of his own Final Solution for gays, which involves quarantine, branding on the forehead, and – should the homosexual “problem” not subside – extermination. It is not yet known whether Cameron would take his cue from Höss and use Zyklon B to carry this out. (For a more detailed tour of Cameron’s World, see “Paul Cameron’s World“.)

JONAH remains tied to Paul Cameron in a few other more subtle ways, as well.

For example:

  1. The organization is very closely linked with NARTH – one of the few non-Christian ex-gay organizations – which still espouses Cameron’s research.
  2. Richard Cohen uses Cameron’s research in chapter 2 of his book, “Coming Out Straight.” This chapter, entitled “Definitions and Causes of Same-Sex Attractions,” is showcased on JONAH’S page for Richard Cohen.
  3. Alan Medinger, former head of Exodus International, has also used Cameron’s statistics to support his research. He has a featured page in JONAH’s online library. Although none of his Cameron-quoting papers can be found on their site, JONAH should exercise caution in taking the word of a man who so willingly used Cameron’s “research” to prove his point.
  4. I also came across a claim by Dr. Norman Lamm that “According to a recent work, one third of the homosexuals in the study were seduced in their adolescence by adults.” Dr. Lamm does not cite the source of this claim, which itself is a red flag. But in my search for the statistic, the only research I could find that supported it was none other than Paul Cameron’s article “What Causes Homosexual Desire?” I’ve thought this over and can’t decide which is worse: making an outrageous claim without citing proof, or using the work Paul Cameron to support it.

To JONAH’s credit, only one solid Cameron citation can be found on their website, but one citation is one too many. Until there is not a trace left of this despicable doctor from their site, the legacy of a man who aligns himself with Nazi ideals regarding homosexuality will be furthered and supported. I do not take lightly a circumstance in which an admirer of a murderous German SS officer and a Jewish organization find themselves on the same side of an issue.

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