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Dr. Awsam Wasfi, 42, offers a “treatment program” for gays that focuses on boosting their self-esteem and enhancing their communication skills, as well as encouraging them to play sports and work on their religious beliefs.

In what could be a soundbite from NARTH or a Love Won Out conference, Dr. Wasfi asserts that “No child is born homosexual. It is either social or as a result of some childhood sexual abuse.”While the ex-gay approach has yet to gain widespread acceptance in the Islamic world, it’s not difficult to envision a Muslim version of Exodus taking root in some of the more westernized Islamic nations. And just as conservative evangelical groups have formed alliances with groups (Catholics, Orthodox Jews and Mormons) that they once looked down upon in their quest to reverse the advancement of gay rights, it’s not inconceivable to imagine that alliance eventually expanding to embrace likeminded Muslims.Hat tip: The Bilerico Project and commenter Rob (aka Xeno)

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