Jill Southern Ellel MinistriesA Christian leader in the UK says that sexual abuse is the most common cause of homosexuality, and that when a demon is asked to leave, so does homosexual desire.

Jill Southern of Ellel Ministries told the Eastern Malaysian Daily Express last month:

It’s a lie to say you are born homosexual. It is usually a result of homosexual abuse in very early childhood when they were wrongly touched but there are other possible causes such as gender confusion and rejection by a peer group as a ‘weakling’.

Sexual abuse causes an ungodly “soul tie” with the abuser, which in turn opens the door for a demonic spirit, according to Southern:

So this spirit of homosexuality has an appetite for homosexual acts, and is using your body for its own appetite. When a homosexual person confesses and repents the sin, we can tell the spirit to leave and the homosexual desire will also go.

But it’s not just victims of abuse who have opened themselves to demonic attack. Gay sex in itself joins us to demons:

When we engage in ungodly sex, we are enjoining our spirit to the demonic spirit behind it, and this destroys our lives.Ungodly sex allows our spirit to be penetrated by the demonic power behind the ungodly act. In fact, homosexuality is self-destructive behaviour.

This comes as no surprise to anyone familiar with Ellel Ministries, a controversial organization that nevertheless still enjoys popularity among charismatics, both in the UK and worldwide. Ellel was founded, and is still led, by Peter Horrobin, a pioneer in “inner healing,” with an emphasis on deliverance from evil spirits.

In 1995, at the height of the ministry’s controversy, a BBC documentary alleged several abuses, including testimony from a man who claimed to have been held down while Ribena – a British blackcurrant-flavored soft drink – was poured down his underwear in order to deliver him from a sexual spirit. (If I remember correctly, it was a spirit of masturbation.)

I have never heard a denial from Ellel, and according to a 2002 article, even one of its own directors, David Cross, appears to give credence to the story:

You’ll have to ask Peter about that … but perhaps we did some silly things in the early days.

Cross says that evil spirits are peripheral to the work of Ellel, however, and says that most of the ministry’s participants leave happy:

What I can tell you is that 99 per cent of our visitors go away with a new sense of peace. Evil spirits are a tiny part of what we do here.

Didn’t Jesus have something to say about that 99 percent?

XGW also notes that Ellel has an alliance with US ex-gay, Exodus-affiliated deliverance minister David Kyle Foster.

Hat-tip for the Daily Express story to YukiChoe.

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