Exodus and Focus on the Family made prominent use of ex-gay advertising at the so-called Values Voter Summit today.

Courtesy of People for the American Way Foundation and Flickr, here are some snapshots:

(Ex-Gay Watch reviewed the above ad here in 2005.)

Note that, for the moment, PFOX has dropped “and Gays” from its name.

Finally, I noticed this photo from Bishop Harry Jackson’s High Impact Leadership Coalition. In all fairness, I’m not sure what kind of “change” it’s referring to. Political? Spiritual? Sexual? But the anger and fearmongering are obvious.

[Update: This shirt is a protest against radical Islam and multiculturalism.]

Also prominent in the images: Posters and brochures for the abstinence-only movement.

Taken together, PFAW Foundation’s images suggest a summit preoccupied by sexual issues to the detriment of other, arguably more urgent matters facing the United States. If others have more objective information about the summit, please feel free to post your observations or links in the comments.

In related news, Exodus executive vice president Randy Thomas commented on his blog about the summit:

It’s been an amazing day and it is only a little over halfway done! OH … and if you hear about ENDA (Employment Non-Discrimination Act) on the news… I might be on it. I participated in a press conference today concerning the matter and all of the major cable news and MSM were there. It was an amazing opportunity that will have it’s own post!

Yesterday, Thomas commented:

This is the event for the “social conservatives” of the Republican party. The registration packet had all kinds of stuff ranging from a ten commandments bookmark, to our Exodus brochure, to an EXCELLENT program book, to a rubber wristband with “ouramericanvalues.org” on it (Gary Bauer is the President.) Rubber wristbands are the new “ribbon” for symbolic cause jewelry.

The Exodus booth that Brad and David had set up earlier looked great. They, with Caryn on Publications, did a great job. We also have prime real estate in the exhibit hall … amazing traffic flow.

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