Family Research Council, a religious-right organization  launched and still guided behind the scenes by James Dobson, founded PFOX in 1996.

Press release, 1996
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FRC founded PFOX under the auspices of exgay activist Anthony Falzarano, who was well-known among gay people for his angry public vitriol. Falzarano was also viewed with apprehension among exgays for his demands that exgay ministries improve their lousy rate of success in converting celibate same-sex-attracted exgays to full-blown heterosexual marriage.

Falzarano was ousted from PFOX in 1999 after he accused the religious right of exploiting the exgay movement for political purposes. He was replaced by Regina Griggs.

This article contains many of Falzarano’s surprising accusations about the exgay movement’s growing exploitation by the religious right, but here’s one quote in particular:

He [Falzarano] was asked to appear on Dr. James Dobson’s TV show two years ago, and had to have Robert Knight [employed by FRC at the time] ‘go to bat’ for him in order to have his travel expenses paid, even though he claims Dobson was operating from a $115 million budget compared with $100,000 for PFOX.

Falzarano subsequently alienated Knight, according to gay activist John Aravosis. His ouster, if not already under way, was then assured.

By 2003, PFOX’s annual budget had declined to $32,000.

Since then, PFOX has launched billboards featuring exgay Christopher Delaney in several cities. It has not disclosed who is financing the billboards.

PFOX Board of Directors

Regina Griggs, Executive Director
Richard Cohen, exgay activist and discredited counselor, President
Estella Salvatierra, Vice President
Scott Strachen, Secretary
Thomas Fahey, Treasurer
Paul Fitzpatrick
Robert Knight (Concerned Women for America, formerly of FRC)


2003 revenue: $37,000
2003 expenses: $26,000
No full-time/part-time employees

To be continued…

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