Mike Haley of Focus on the Family occupies the chairmanship of the Exodus board of directors. His predecessor as Exodus chairman, John Paulk, was also Haley’s predecessor as head of Focus’ antigay political programs.

Exodus’ new spokesperson, Julie Neils, was for five years the media manager for the Public Policy division of Focus on the Family before quitting in 2003 to be a stay-at-home mom. While Exodus is based in Orlando, Neils will be working from her home in Colorado Springs, near Focus on the Family headquarters, according to Randy Thomas in Exodus’ "Impact" newsletter for December 2004.

Exodus’ regional representatives include Melissa Fryrear, also of Focus on the Family.

According to the Exodus web site, Fryrear is coordinating the "Safe Churches" affiliate network. In Exodus’ December newsletter, membership director Randy Thomas says the Safe Churches network and an exgay therapists’ network are being developed to "help us bridge the gap between someone walking out of homosexuality and the hope found in the Body of Christ." (I think it’s reasonable to suspect that these churches and therapists will eventually be mobilized to fight antiviolence/safe-schools programs.)

Other Exodus religious-right board members include Phil Burress of Citizens for Community Values and Vickie Burress of the American Family Association of Indiana.

Exodus doesn’t report where it gets its money from, but the annual dues of its referral network of 120 exgay activists are far too low to support Exodus’ $700,000+ annual budget. I think it’s reasonable to suspect that a lot of money comes from Focus on the Family or James Dobson personally, but I’m not sure how to document that. I welcome suggestions.

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