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In a recent post on his blog, Peterson Toscano’s A Musing, Peterson asks these important questions. As has been noted before, often those with stories of change describe a past which many of us would find frightening.

When looking at most Exodus testimonies, we hear stories of people who lived as sexually addicted, miserable, lonely, faithless, confused people (who also overindulged in drug and alcohol abuse, illegal activities and unprotected sex). They found Jesus and the church, and they changed their lives.

They became celibate, began to develop healthy relationships, changed their lifestyle–not to a straight one, but to one far less reckless and destructive than their previous life.

When people hear that “change is possible,” what change are they expecting? And for those who want it, why do they want it? For at least some, it would appear they are struggling to escape a life of dangerous addictions and excess, for which others have blamed their attraction to the same sex. But what about the others?

Sure we can choose to no longer identify as gay. We can deny ourselves relationships with LGBT people. We can even marry someone of the opposite sex and have children. This is no great miracle. Men and women have done this for centuries with and without the help of Jesus.

Why is it necessary to change? Mostly because life would be easier for many of us. Parents would treat us better. Society would gift us with privileges and affirmation. We can feel normal for a change, for a time.

It’s not difficult to see why some would seek to change that part of themselves which those around them consider wrong, sinful, and sick, is it? But in the end, how can they most be helped? There are plenty who offer to help them do the impossible, who sympathize with their dilemma and reinforce it. But what does that really do for those in need? Is there a better answer?

Is change possible? Yes, our societies and churches and families and laws can change so that people who are romantically and sexually attracted to people of the same-sex can be fully accepted and affirmed and celebrated just like heterosexuals. This change takes work and love and listening and painful realization, but well worth the effort.

Read the full post here, it’s excellent. And to those who are gay and perhaps find the idea of being so difficult to deal with, do yourself a favor and “Question Change.”

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